Mountains area

Kamieńczyk Waterfall

The Kamieńczyk Waterfall consists of 3 cascades with a total height of 27 meters. From the threshold it falls into the picturesque Kamieńczyk Gorge, which is about 100 m long, the rock vertical walls reach from 20-30 m in height, and the width in some places does not exceed 4 m. Under the central cascade of the waterfall is a small cave “Golden Cave,” partially artificially carved by the Walloons.

Szrenica Shelter

Szrenica Shelter is famous for its family atmosphere and delicious food. According to many mountain trappers, it is the best-run shelter in the Sudetes. The shelter is located on the main hiking trail (red), not far from the border with the Czech Republic. Like its brother shelter on Hala Szrenicka, we will also find here a convenient starting point for our trips.

Karkonosze Path in the Crowns of Trees

Karkonosze Path in the Crowns of Trees is an incredible attraction in Karkonosze! It is located in the forest of the Karkonosze National Park, in Janské Lázně. Here you can become a part of the Karkonosze forest – the route of the Path in the Crowns of Trees is more than 1,300 meters long.

The biggest attraction is the observation tower, 45 meters high. As a result, old (even 150-year-old) trees are at your fingertips. In the basement of a wooden tower there is an educational center that shows the complex root system of trees.

Samotnia Shelter

Samotnia Shelter is located right next to the Mały Staw in the Kocioł Mały Staw, which is reached by the trail from the Wang Church to Śnieżka.

Samotnia Shelter is located on one of the busier trails. Every year there are competitions, courses and camps. You can learn the secrets of tai-chi, digital photography or take skiing or climbing courses.

Samotnia is an excellent base for trips to the Academic Strzecha, Śnieżka and many other interesting places in the Karkonosze Mountains.

Mumlava Waterfall

Mumlava is a mountain stream in the Czech Karkonosze Mountains. Near Harrachov (about 1.5 kilometers east of the village center) is the Mumlava Waterfall (Czech: Mumlavský vodopád). The cascade is about 10 meters high and very wide. The water of the mountain stream falls from granite blocks, forming deep evaporative cauldrons at the bottom called Čertova oka (Devil’s Eye). The waterfall can be admired either from an observation deck or from a small bridge over the Mumlava River.

Czarny Kocioł Jagniątkowski

Czarny Kocioł Jagniątkowski lies between the peak of Śmielec and the Jelenia Góra district of Jagniątków. At its bottom is Jaworowa Łąka with an old sycamore maple specimen. It is an ideal destination for a family trip to the mountains. The route to the Czarny Kocioł can be described as moderately difficult, so even the youngest kids should manage. The Coral Path, which leads to the Czarny Kocioł, is one of the nicest Karkonosze trails.